Open Educational Resources – 2022

In April 2022, participants created Open Educational Resources (OERs) that addressed one or more of our three course themes: representation, sustainability and trust. The links below will take you to a selection of these resources, published here with the authors’ permission.

Digital Avatar use and its impact on students from underrepresented groups
Henry Anumudu

Screenshot from Anumudu's OER, showing a person wearing a VR headset

Sustainable Consumption
Jacob Azzopardi

screenshot of Azzopardi's OER home screen

A Sustainable Learning Kit for Times of Crises
Cathy Higashiguchi

screenshot of Higashiguchi's OER, showing an empty classroom with a facemask hanging from one chair

Little Brother, Big Data: What drives our decisions in the 21st century?
Talia Kelly

screenshot from Kelly's OER

Digital Futures for Teaching – Sustainable digital technology possibilities for teaching in Kenya 
Emma Morton  

Emma Morton screenshot from OER

Avatars in Education; Raising Awareness through Digital Futures
Tina Postalian

screenshot from Postalian's OER

Learning Analytics and Surveillance: The Future of the Student-Teacher Relationship through Anonymising Data
Katie Ralston

screenshot from Ralston's OER

Digital Education & Degrowth 
David Sidoux

screenshot from Sidoux's OER