Open Educational Resources

During the Digital Futures for Learning course in 2017/18, participants created Open Educational Resources (OERs), taking the three course themes as a starting point. The links below will take you to a selection of these resources.

Contested futures for lighting in urban spaces: drawing on ideas about messiness and resistance to inform lighting education strategies against light pollution.

Mary-Anne Kyriakou

Embracing the challenges of personalisation in mass higher education

D Lozza 

Education and the Blockchain

Helen Murphy  

The Biodigital Citizen

Joe Nicholls  


The future of writing: An open educational resource to think about the ways in which we take notes

Charlotte Rixten

Embracing Complexity in Education

Marion Smallbones

Stand-alone ‘self-serve’ version of the course – no facilitator required

Facilitator guide and background information

Participant materials for facilitator-led course

List of resources

Serendipity in a Digital World: Open in the face of surveillance

Clare Thomson

Virtual Reality – A Future Toolkit for Teachers?

Rosie van den Berg

Radical Digital Literacy

Ruth Weeks